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Customer complaints


Fewer visits
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Less paper consumption and administration effort


Increased productivity


Less planning time

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Advantages for:

Real estate manager

Benefits for:

Facility Manager

Benefits for:

Facility Management

Advantages for real estate managers

Take your property management to a new level and consolidate your portfolio in a single tool.

  • Comprehensive overview of your property portfolio
  • Manage multiple facility management companies with a single tool
  • Real time controls for completed tasks, documented by clear photo evidence
  • Straightforward procedure for immediate inclusion of additional, unscheduled tasks
  • Digital reporting

Advantages for facility managers

Manage your time wisely and reduce your site visits by 50%. Benefit from an intelligent route planner that makes life considerably easier and plans routes automatically.

  • Track your employees and properties in real time via GPS
  • Dashboard with comprehensive overview of your employees and the status of assigned tasks
  • Real time controls for completed tasks, documented by clear photo evidence
  • Straightforward procedure for assigning additional, unscheduled tasks to specific employees
  • Calendar feature and efficient work itinerary for each employee
  • Automated, optimised route planning / work planing for efficient workflow

Advantages for employees

Employees receive a structured work itinerary with digital O&M plan. Use your smartphone to navigate through your tasks and keep track of progress at all times. Photo evidence helps to reduce customer complaints by up to 60% and improves the quality of maintenance work by 50%.

  • Digitalised work itinerary corresponds to the O&M plan and the schedule for recurring tasks
  • Overview of periodic work per property and task
  • Completed tasks documented with photo evidence
  • Unfinished tasks and expired tasks are marked
  • Straightforward procedure for registering additional, unscheduled tasks
  • Register additional, unscheduled tasks yourself
  • Reschedule tasks
  • Assign tasks to a different employee